Smith & Wesson Magnum Skytebriller


Smith & Wesson skytebriller imøtekommer standarder for skytebriller ANSI Z87.1 - 2003. Brillene er 99,9% UV sikre. Les under produsentens text.



Smith & Wesson Magnum 3G Shooting Safety Glasses are ergonomically dimensioned for 3 point fit providing the ultimate in comfort. These glasses have the following features:


Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 - 2003 High Velocity Industrial Standards and provides 99.9% UV protection.

7 base cut-to-shape spherical UV BLOCKER lens with nose pad posts molded as one unit.

Built in hinge stops to virtually eliminate scratching of lens interior.

New improved fit ergonomic nose pad with self-adjusting rubber fingers.

Elimination of retention screws with new mechanical snap fit of lens to frame.

Whether shooting clays, hunting, fishing, or just doing some serious work around the house or yard, Smith & Wesson safety glasses provide an appropriate level of protection while maintaining a high level of fashion awareness.